Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Developing Listening Skills

Despite knowing many things and techniques to improve our students skills, we teacher often forget some details about student’s profiling and personalities. Fortunately, experimenting in your classes, and I may say, following your intuition, gives a great chance to rediscover or remember those details and improve our class methodology.

One thing I happily discovered long ago is the use of music in some of my lessons to approach listening skills in a fun, active and innovative way that can benefit those students with a musical learning profile. Combining lyrics and images in a jigsaw activity give both visual aids and listening input to a lesson, and there are plenty of songs containing chunks that come from real life use of the language.
There’s a lot we can do with a simple power point presentation, a bunch of pictures related to the lyrics and just a piece of a song, to get our students to focus on specific language structures, or even just specific words. Plus, we give a cool fresh new environment to our lesson.
Getting your imagination to work with not only jigsaw, but also completion, matching or singing activities can give those weak students a better sense of understanding and, finally, a sense of pride and capability to their learning experience.
Just a thought