Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Shame on you teacher

I have recently realized, to my surprise and disappointment, that there are all types of teachers in the world. It may seem obvious, all right – I know – but I’m certainly referring to those teachers that put money over quality, bulk benefit over students’ interests.

More often than I would like to, I keep noticing teachers who want to get all the students, all the money and all the financial benefits for a poor quality class, a reckless planning and no attention to the human, service oriented and value added profit to the students.
Sad, I may say, since I truly believe and deeply feel we can get better rewards and more students in the future when we focus on the long term outcome of our lessons. Caring, planning and showing interests – aside for charging a balanced rate for the job we do – is in the end better. Students should be respected and should go out in the world using the knowledge we give them to their benefit, not our pocket’s.
So, there’s nothing I can do about these type of teachers, but to reinforce the system I have and the quality service and dedication I give. However, it still makes me upset and sad to see these happening around.