Tuesday, June 21, 2016

5 tips for your students

We often forget that as anything else in life, learning also needs to be coached, encouraged and celebrated. So to add in our lessons, we should also remember to remind our students of some tips that can help them improve and keep track of their learning all the time:

Remember the reasons that motivate you: Whenever our students feel overwhelmed, disheartened or find it difficult to keep their motivation up, remind them why they are studying the language on the first place.

Have fun: Some people are relaxed, some are strict, but no matter how they are, our students deserve fun, time off and a brain pause once in a while. State it and tell them to rest if they need to; to take time off before a test, to go to the cinema and do nothing but watch a movie – better if it is in English!

Know your limitations: Clearly, teacher profile their students to give them the best in developing their skills; however, some students just don’t know what they are good at or what their limitations are. If they receive feedback and support on their weaknesses, they could develop a better way to overcome and improve them.

Set your goals: A good piece of advice to give your students is keeping in mind the main goal(s) they want to accomplish in the language. It may be a trip, a course, an exam or simply personal satisfaction, but keeping it in mind can make a huge difference.
Work: Well, yes, we teachers know everything that was there for us to learn, and we are simply tools passing the knowledge on to our students, so remind them they are the ones that have to work if they want to learn.

Be consistent and never give up: As important as the above, working without consistency or giving up when they encounter a difficulty, students should be reminded that, as in the kitchen, they will only learn and do things better if they actually cook! And the more they cook the better, so it is with a language, keep practicing, keep using it and sooner than later, they will master it.