Sunday, September 2, 2007



He came at the perfect time
set by undeniable fate,
just strange known faces,
on that instant seen.

-Souls kept hush-

She discovered those eyes
flying desperately to her
laying down on hers
after a long journey.

And I was so vulnerable,
defenceless and surprised,
to see those eyes come
to simply disrupt mine.

-You certainly know-

You make me look inside
poking in your silence
trying to find in there
what we once forget.

I shiver with your essence
and you are fully aware
I am waiting for you to wake
from us this deep need.

-If you just shoot-

It wishes the right phrase
of clear, true sentiment,
a spirit that recognizes
itself inside the other.

Thoughts that become
fragile, soft and imperceptible,
disguising the glances
that knock to our hearts.

-then, I am all in you-

A stripper of soul dances
with smiling accomplice,
between you and me
within our quiet desire.